Know These Appraisal Tips Before You Decide to Sell Your House for Cash

Your home is one of the biggest and most important investments you can ever make in your whole life. This serves as the solid representation of the hard work you made and the efforts you exerted through all those years.

But at one point or another, there will come a time when you will need to say goodbye to your home. It could be because you’ve been offered with a better job in a different city or your family has gotten bigger than your current home can longer suit your lifestyle. Whatever the reason might be, selling your home will become a mere necessity you simply cannot avoid.

Good thing that there are now cash  for home schemes that can make the selling process better, easier and more convenient than ever before. But before you finally decide to let go of your house, one of the most crucial steps that you must not overlook or forget is home appraisal.

Home appraisal is a necessary process when it comes to refinancing or selling your house. This will help you get a realistic attitude about the actual worth or value of your home. It is also when you get to compare your property with the rest of those properties being sold around your neighborhood.

During the process, the appraiser will require around 30 minutes to an hour to complete the appraisal’s inspection phase. This will include photos of the rear and front of the house and the photo of the street right in front of the house. It is also where the exterior of the house, the garage and the outbuildings will be measured. The appraiser will also conduct a walk-through inspection of the rooms and levels of the home’s interior, which include the basement.

Tips to Get Organized for Home Appraisal

To help you prepare for the appraisal process, here is a short checklist to ensure that you will get the results you want:

  • Make sure that you are flexible when you schedule the appointment. Take note that exterior shots will require daylight.
  • A copy of the survey or blueprints can help verify the lot size and other measurements.
  • Prepare the list of improvements previously made to the house from the time of purchase complete with their corresponding costs. These can include room additions, updated bathroom or kitchen, pool, patio and others.
  • There must be access to the property, which include access to attic areas and crawl spaces.
  • A clean property can always make a great impression. Clean the garage and pool, trim the lawn, repair torn screens or cracked windows, secure down spouts and gutters and check for any leaky faucet.
  • Prepare a copy of the tax assessment information from the previous year.
  • Point out amenities which may not be obvious to the appraiser such patios, pools, built in vacuum, sprinkler systems, etc.

Know the exact year when the property was built and when the improvements have been made.